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1st Jam

It’s always embarrassing to plan to meet someone somewhere that no longer exists. I organised the first jam at a branch of Tully’s Coffee that no longer exists so had to arrange to meet people in the station at the last minute. We chose Starbucks because it was there and easy to find.
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Hello. How are you? Sit down? Make yourself at home. Welcome to the Tokyo Lesson Jam site.

What’s a Lesson Jam?

It’s a get together to troubleshoot, brainstorm and just generally have a look at the guts of a lesson, be it with materials, targeted learners, methods and approaches, classroom management ideas, etc. There’s more here from the Berlin Language Workers GAS. That’s where I took the idea from. I am me but hopefully I will not be the only I involved in this. I and U and many other letters, if you excuse the cute pun.

So, where and when?

Well, there’s a thing. If there are only a few of us it could be anywhere: if there’s one thing that Tokyo has it’s cafes. There are also more expensive coworking spaces and such if we get a huge number of people interested. When’s good for you? I plan to poll people and then we can sort of see what happens. Also, this could splinter; I’ve been unavailable for several interesting things I saw advertised but really, what’s to stop a parallel event from forming. Siblings are nice, huh? Saturdays are not very good for me and until December Sundays are likely awful for me, too. Any alternatives, leave a comment and I’ll be happy to discuss things. Or you might want to facilitate the first one? I mean, who died and made me king?