Hello. How are you? Sit down? Make yourself at home. Welcome to the Tokyo Lesson Jam site.

What’s a Lesson Jam?

It’s a get together to troubleshoot, brainstorm and just generally have a look at the guts of a lesson, be it with materials, targeted learners, methods and approaches, classroom management ideas, etc. There’s more here from the Berlin Language Workers GAS. That’s where I took the idea from. I am me but hopefully I will not be the only I involved in this. I and U and many other letters, if you excuse the cute pun.

So, where and when?

Well, there’s a thing. If there are only a few of us it could be anywhere: if there’s one thing that Tokyo has it’s cafes. There are also more expensive coworking spaces and such if we get a huge number of people interested. When’s good for you? I plan to poll people and then we can sort of see what happens. Also, this could splinter; I’ve been unavailable for several interesting things I saw advertised but really, what’s to stop a parallel event from forming. Siblings are nice, huh? Saturdays are not very good for me and until December Sundays are likely awful for me, too. Any alternatives, leave a comment and I’ll be happy to discuss things. Or you might want to facilitate the first one? I mean, who died and made me king?