1st Jam

It’s always embarrassing to plan to meet someone somewhere that no longer exists. I organised the first jam at a branch of Tully’s Coffee that no longer exists so had to arrange to meet people in the station at the last minute. We chose Starbucks because it was there and easy to find.

There were three of us: Marc (me), David and Olya. I work across contexts, David teaches university and Olya teaches at high school.

Our chosen stimulus came from a choice of three: a photograph, a lightbulb and a Smurf. We chose the photograph.

We then brainstormed alone for two minutes, then together for about five minutes.

Using this we came up with a common plan.

Then we each planned our own lessons and shared them.






The evaluation:

Starbucks was fine but we could have done this out of somebody’s house or a community hall.

Do we set pre-tasks? David made an interesting point about bringing an activity, be it a warm-up or something, so everyone can share a concrete activity.

Everyone seemed keen for this to happen again and even to facilitate a Lesson Jam or grassroots workshop.

I’m going to call it a success because I’m happy with how things went although there should be more tweaking.



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  2. Sangita Bhattacharya · August 13, 2015

    Very nicely worked out. However , could you please tell what would be/have been the learning outcomes?


    • Marc · August 13, 2015

      Sure Sangita. Thanks for commenting, by the way.

      The learning objectives/outcomes are stated in my plan, which are: being able to give a past narrative, a future narrative and link them together. Basically, what happened before the photograph was taken and what happens after that.

      I personally don’t like linguistic prescription in objectives or predicted outcomes but I aim to provide that possibility. The others might disagree with me, though.


  3. Maha Hassan · August 14, 2015

    Marc great work on the other side of the world!! Yet if you come out with a final lesson plan and a brainstorm one that would be great. Here you considered yourselves 3 groups and exchanged ideas, right?!

    By the way, I am Maha Hassan from Maha ESL Community who worked on Cairo-Berlin lesson jamming!! It would be a pleasure to have you as a friend on the PAGE and Group facebook.com/maha.esltraining


    • Marc · August 14, 2015

      Thanks for the comment, Maha. We had the same lesson plan jump -off point but we work in different contexts so we decided to tweak things to make it more personally useful. It’s interesting that Olya and I have very similar lesson plans, I think.


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